15 Reasons ‘The Princess and the Frog’ Is An Underrated Disney Classic

If you’re a Disney princess lover, you probably spent all of 2014 singing “Let It Go.” While Frozen, and other princess films are great, I personally think The Princess and the Frog is a film that just doesn’t get enough love. From Tiana’s dedication to the film’s music, there are many reasons this movie deserves top ranks when compared to other Disney animated films.

1. Tiana doesn’t start out as a little girl who wants to one day be a princess or fall in love.


She has aspirations to open her own restaurant, which stem from the relationship she had with her father before he passed away.

2. But just because she is a hard-worker, that doesn’t mean she judged others who had it easy:


Tiana’s best friend Lottie was extremely well off because of her father Big Daddy’s business, but that never made Tiana bitter or judgemental.

3. Anika Noni Rose (Tiana) was the first actress in 18 years to provide the speaking voice and singing voice for her princess.


Before The Princess and the Frog, the last actress to do both parts was Paige O’Hara as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Since The Princess and the Frog was released, all future Disney princesses’ voices and singing voices have been provided by the same actress (except for Merida in Brave, who does not sing)

4. When we first meet Prince Naveen, he’s not a charming prince sent to rescue Tiana.


He’s actually a partying womanizer that is about to be cut off because he won’t change his ways.

5. Tiana is actually the one who saves Prince Naveen.


But after the whole turning-into-frogs-possibly-forever debacle, you can argue that they both save each other. Tiana teaches Naveen about working for yourself and what it means to love someone other than yourself, while Naveen teaches Tiana that is alright to live a little and forget about work for a while.

6. Mama Odie is one of the best characters we’ve ever watched in a Disney movie.


This blind voodoo priestess in the bayou helps Prince Naveen and Tiana, not that they realize it at the time, figure out what they need.

7. Tiana isn’t all talk about her dreams, you actually witness her busting her butt to achieve them.


Which is big, given this movie is set in the 1920’s. What other princess (or future princess, that is) can be seen working at an actual job?

8. The music in this film doesn’t rely on being “catchy” or “campy” but instead is a true trial at authenticity.


And it’s good at doing just that. We’ve never wanted to go to New Orleans more than we did after watching this.

9. Tiana and her mother have a very realistic relationship.


Tiana’s mother wants her to find her “Prince Charming” and give her some grandchildren, but Tiana has other plans in mind.

10. Lottie is not the typical girl who wants to be a princess and loves pink.


While those both are true, she’s also a very good friend to Tiana. She’s willing to kiss Prince Naveen, knowing that she can’t marry him like she wanted to, because he loves Tiana and she wants them to be happy together.

11. Ray, a firefly, and Evangeline, a star, taught us more about love than any other movie.


Je t’adore, je t’aime, Evangeline
You’re my queen of the night
So still, so bright

That someone as beautiful as she
Could love someone like me
Love always finds a way, it’s true
And I love you, Evangeline”

12. Doctor Facilier, better known as the Shadow Man, is a pretty terrifying villain.


This witch doctor, with “help from the other side” throws a wrench in Prince Naveen’s life by turning him into a frog, who then in turn, turns Tiana into a frog. Quite easily one of the most dramatic things to happen to a prince and princess in any Disney animated film.

13. Unlike other leading females in Disney, when approached by a witch/witch doctor/enchantress, Tiana does not give into temptation, even though she’s offered her dream.


14. Because they’re frogs for most of the movie, Tiana and Naveen’s love is based on their personality, rather than physical attraction.


15. Forget about castles, this is the prettiest wedding scene in Disney history:


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