21 Reasons There Should Be an ‘Austin Powers’ Sequel

Between 1997 and 2002, we were lucky enough to be graced with three Austin Powers movies and then the magic just stopped. At the time, we didn’t realize what a loss this was. Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, was the greatest spy to ever exist and Dr. Evil was the evilest villain we’ve ever seen. We need more.

Even though he was successful spy, Austin never took himself too seriously:

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But we should take him and his dangerous lifestyle seriously:

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Dr. Evil is still the sassiest villain to ever terrorize this country:

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“Fasha can you hear me?”:

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Mini Me was born and we fell in love with him:

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We dearly miss his days as Dr. Evil’s little best friend:

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This series had an insane number of puns: 

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Like, puns have never been so obvious, yet so perfect since this series:

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The names were just so clever:

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This group therapy session is a golden moment:

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Fat Bastard actually spoke to us on a serious level:

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It’s easy for parents and their teenage children to relate to:

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“Am I cool yet?” Ugh dad, you’re embarrassing me!

Even Beyonce loved Austin Powers enough to be in it:

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No one says the word “shag” better than Austin:

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Despite his blatant sexual urges, Austin Powers was actually a real stand up guy:

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There was never a moment that didn’t make us giggle:

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This series had robots with guns in the boobs:

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Guns in the BOOBS. As a growing girl when this movie first came out, I was very disappointed to learn that wasn’t a real thing.

As much as we loved Austin Powers, Dr. Evil always stole the show:

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Billions > trillions:

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We need more Mini Me as Mini Austin:

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This is still the cutest thing to ever happen. He’s in a car seat with a wig and bad fake teeth!