18 Reasons We All Wish We Were In The Avengers

Being a superhero would be awesome. But being a superhero that is a part of the greatest superhero team ever (boo Justice League) that’s about as awesome as life can get. We might all just be boring humans, but have you ever just wondered what it would be like to have superpowers? Us too. Next time there is an Avengers initiative, sign us up!

1. The Avengers aren’t some cookie cutter superhero team that always gets along. Their arguments are what make them so awesome:


They fight. They disagree. They get angry. There is not as much pressure to fit in if everyone is this normal/weird.

2. They play fight with each other:


Who doesn’t want to poke the Hulk to see if he gets mad or not?

3. They don’t just blindly follow orders:


They might do some really illegal digging, but it’s for the right reasons.

4. You’ve heard that Iron Man is a pretty funny guy:


5. And that Captain America is hilariously behind on the times:


We kind of want to be an Avenger just so we can join Tony Stark in constantly mocking the Cap.

6. Thor is someone you think would have your back in a fight:


7. As dangerous as it might be, you’re really interested in seeing Bruce Banner Hulk  Out” up close:


8. These villains don’t seem so bad:


9. Okay, maybe they’re a little scary, but you could take them:


If you were there, Thor would be A-okay.

10. You really think you could nail that “unnecessary group pose before going into battle” thing:


We’re 100% sure this is counterproductive to the mission, but it looks so badass.

11. Looking badass is actually 95% of the reason you’re looking to join:


12. How awesome would it be if the Black Widow could teach you this move:


13. And this one:


14. If you get mad at each other, you can totally express it:


15. They’re a group of people who love to celebrate and party:


How sweet, they remembered your birthday!

16. You’ve perfected your throw:


You would fit in so well.

17. He may have his secrets, but you need to experience Nick Fury’s sass in person:


18. Most importantly, you know some great places to eat after defeating a villain:


Who wants some Korean beef tacos after we take down Ultron?!