12 Reasons Why ‘Home Alone’ Is The Best Christmas Movie Ever In Life

There are so many magnificent holiday films that warm our spirits every year. From A Christmas Story to Elf, nothing quite gets us into the holiday spirit like a fantastic Christmas movie. However, no holiday film is more spectacular, hilarious or quotable than Chris Columbus‘s Home Alone. It was the highest grossing film of 1990 and 25 years later, it’s still a classic. (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is also a gem, but the subsequent Home Alone movies can be ignored). Here are 12 reasons why Home Alone is the best Christmas movie ever in life.

1. The McCallister clan is better than your fam.


From Fuller’s overactive bladder to the insufferable Buzz, the McCallisters are probably better than your fam.

2. Kevin is just as enthusiastic about Christmas music as we are.

We’ve all done it.

3. Actually, Kevin McCallister is pretty much an icon.


Kevin always kept it one hundred. He said exactly what he wanted, when he wanted. Even before he was outsmarting Marve and Harry, he was putting everyone from his mom to the grocery woman in their place. No wonder Chris Columbus wrote the role specifically for Macaulay Culkin.


4. He also valued the most important things in life.


TV over everything.

4. Uncle Frank


Uncle Frank is just in a class all on his own. Not only is he the cheapest man on earth, his compassion for others is also rather lacking.

5. Home Alone is beyond clever.


We bet you never noticed that Mr. McCallister accidentally threw away Kevin’s plane ticket the night before their fateful trip to France.

6. This ice cream sundae.


Like Kevin, we know there is nothing better than “eating junk and watching rubbish.” Food coma for the win.

7. Marve’s antics.


Not only did Marve come up with the ingenious name “Wet Bandits”, his constant foolish blunders really helped make the movie the classic that it is. BTW, did you know that Daniel Stern, the actor who plays Marve was the narrator on The Wonder Years?

8. This classic piece of advice.


Make sure you always look both ways.

8. The pizza delivery scene.

“A lovely cheese pizza just for me.”

9. This John Candy cameo.


Though Candy had a few brief moments in Home Alone as the “Polka King of the Midwest”, it was because of Uncle Buck that Chris Columbus got the idea for Home Alone in the first place.

10. All of Kevin’s booby-traps.

Even Joe Pesci as Harry couldn’t outsmart this precocious kid. From BB gun attacks to the scalding fires, Kevin made it hard out there for a gangster.


11. Angels With Filthy Souls was made just for Home Alone.

The gangster film isn’t real, but its still epic.

12. Home Alone has the most iconic lines.


Seriously 25 years later, we’re still quoting them.