10 Reasons Why Hugh Jackman Is The ONLY Wolverine We Need

As you may know, Hugh Jackman will be hanging up his Wolverine claws after his final (currently untitled) Wolverine film comes out in 2017. Some people have voiced opinions on who should take over the as the mutant with an adamantium skeleton, but if you’re anything like us, you don’t want to see ANYONE but Hugh Jackman in the role. C’mon, the man has played Wolverine for the last 15 years, being the only actor to appear in every single 20th Century Fox X-Men related film since 2000. He’s iconic in the role, even if you’re not a fan of all the movies (*cough* X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine *cough*) we can all agree that Hugh is the only Wolverine we’ll ever need.

1. He is responsible for the single greatest moment in cinematic history:

Tumblr/20th Century Fox

Those abs. That butt. Those arms. We all died a little when this happened.

2. He makes this “cool by disgusting” moment look hot:


3. He made this moment believable:

GIPHY/20th Century Fox

If you’re going to tell arguably two of the most powerful mutants to fuck off, you gotta look good and smoke a cigar to make the point.

4. He’s funny as hell:

Tumblr/20th Century Fox

5. No other actor could have pulled off this humor without saying a word:

Tumblr/20th Century Fox

6. He is the only human allowed to punch Nicholas Hoult in the face for the sake of comedy:

GIPHY/20th Century Fox

7. He’s literally the only man alive that can make mutton chops look good:

GIPHY/20th Century Fox

8. He’s the reason people say “cool guys don’t look at explosions”:

Tumblr/20th Century Fox

9. He’s the only person who can intimidate a cat:

GIPHY/20th Centuty Fox

10. And because, he IS the wolverine:

GIPHY/20th Century Fox

There’s a reason that at the end of his run, he’ll have portrayed Wolverine for 17 years. Let’s keep it that way.