Rebel Is Trapped In A Rom-Com In ‘Isn’t It Romantic’


Many people watch Romantic Comedies and think, one day that will happen to me.

The love ofΒ your life will run into meΒ and sparks will fly, they will mess up and come back with the grandest of gestures, all along the backdrop of New York.

Natalie (Rebel Wilson) was taught from a very young age thatΒ RomComs doesn’t happen in real life. Years later and every single after a robbery attempt, she’s knocked out and wakes up in the thing she was told doesn’t exist, a Romcom. The hospital is huge, her apartmentΒ is every girl’s dream apartment, she get’s a gay sidekick, and she has a romantic interest which happens to be Chris Hemsworth.

Not a huge fan of Romantic Comedies nor Rebel Wilson, but for some reason, this works.

Theaters will be full on V-day.


Isn’t It Romantic’ releases Valentines Day, February 14, 2019.