5 Reboot Films We Wish Had Been As Good as ‘21 Jump Street’

Fantastic Four20th Century Fox via Everett Collection

If you haven’t already seen the red band trailer for 22 Jump Street, do yourself a favor and check it out. When 21 Jump Street came out, it changed the reboot game. No longer will we settle for half-cocked reboot or remake trash. We want quality movies! So we’re taking a moment to look back at the reboots that we wish had been as well done as 21 Jump Street.

Fright Night (2011)

We understand that everyone was all about the vampires a couple years ago. They were everywhere: on TV, in movies, and in books. But that doesn’t mean you can take any 1980s vampire flick and try to recreate it in hopes of making the next Twilight Saga.

Red Dawn (2012)

The original film was an ’80s classic starring Patrick Swayze, so why would we ever need a reboot? Did they want to turn it into a big-budget action series? Sure, we love Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson as much as anyone else, but even they couldn’t save this reboot.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

Although the original A Nightmare on Elm Street launched Johnny Depp’s acting career, the 2010 remake had no chances of launching a franchise, let alone anyone’s career. It was a poor remake with a tired villain. Let’s all agree to just let Freddy Krueger stay dead.

Fantastic Four

When Fantastic Four came out in 2005, Hollywood was in this weird place where they weren’t sure how to make a good superhero movie anymore. The campy wonders of the ’80s and ’90s no longer entertained audiences. However, since Marvel’s success over the past few years, Fox is trying again. The Fantastic Four will be released in 2015, and hopefully they’ll get it right this time.

The Hulk (2003)/The Incredible Hulk (2008)

For all of Marvel’s success with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, they still haven’t gotten the Hulk quite right. Eric Bana’s interpretation back in 2003 was not good and while some fans liked Edward Norton in the 2008 reboot, viewers liked Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal of the classic character the best—and it wasn’t even his own movie!