Best Reactions to Movies Out Now In Theaters

Justice Smith and Sydney Sweeney star in The Voyeurs
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Hey, Hollywooders! Have you ever LOVED a movie that critics seem to hate? Or maybe you HATED a movie that got rave reviews?

The truth is, movie critics don’t know everything. That’s why we’re here to share some of the best reactions to movies out now in theaters from fellow moviegoers.

Before you buy tickets, pick showtimes, or search ‘movie theater near me,’ read on for real, spoiler-free reactions to movies out right now in theaters.

Movies Out Now: Malignant 

The much-anticipated horror thriller Malignant opened Friday, September 11. Starring Annabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson, Mckenna Grace, George Young, and Michole Briana White, the movie follows a woman who is paralyzed by visions of murders that worsen once she realizes her nightmares have become a reality.

Movie-goers believe the film is a game-changer for the future of horror.

Movies Out Now: The Card Counter

Oscar Isaac plays William, an ex-military interrogator turned gambler in Paul Schrader’s crime drama film The Card Counter. As William goes on with his life, he is haunted by the ghosts of his past decisions. Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan, and Willem Dafoe also star.

The Card Counter opened on Thursday, September 9 to many rave reviews.’s Cassandra Yany said she was pleasantly surprised by how the plot turned out:

“Knowing that The Card Counter was a crime drama, I expected there to be intense events taking place throughout the film with some action. However, there was none of that. While the events that unfolded in the movie were rather simple, the intensity lay more in the emotion behind the characters’ motives.” Read the full review here!

Other audiences thought The Card Counter brought the emotional depth that Paul Schrader focuses on.

Movies Out Now: Queenpins

Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste are best friends who team up for an illegal coupon scheme in the comedy based on a true story in Queenpins. When the 2 friends hatch a plan to scam corporations and deliver coupon deals to families and people who need deals, a loss prevention officer (Paul Walter Hauser) and a U.S. postal inspector (Vince Vaughn) attempt to catch the women. Bebe Rexha also makes an appearance.

Audiences couldn’t stop laughing at this true story that hit the big screen.

Movies Out Now: Dating & New York 

Millennial dating comes to the screen in the new comedy film Dating & New York. Two young adults in New York (Jaboukie Young-White and Francesca Reale) create a “friends with benefits” contract to help each other grow from issues of past relationships. When they face some complicated feelings, the 2 must figure out what they mean to each other.

While social media reactions of the new film are slim, the few reactions call the movie endearing. Some are proud of the representation.

Movies Out Now: The Voyeurs 

The Voyeurs is Amazon Prime Video’s newest erotic thriller. The movie follows a young Montreal couple (Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith) who begin to spy on their new neighbors who live across the street (Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo). As the young couple becomes more observant of their neighbors across the way, they get in the middle of disastrous events.

The Alfred-Hitchcock inspired thriller might have been too much for some movie-watchers, but they just couldn’t look away.

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