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Resident Evil Movies Set for a Reboot

Hollywood.com Staff/Syndicated by: Screen Gems

The Resident Evil franchise is reportedly in the early stages of being rebooted.

The famous films debuted in 2002 with Milla Jovovich in the lead role of protagonist Alice, and concluded with a sixth installment The Final Chapter last year (16). German studio Constantin Film produced all the films, based on the popular same-titled video games, with Paul W. S. Anderson writing and directing each feature – though the recent installment’s title suggested the stories had come to an end.

However, according to Variety, fans needn’t close the door on Resident Evil for good, as Constantin chairman Martin Moszkowicz has confirmed a reboot is in the works. He didn’t reveal any further details though, or whether Anderson would return to helm the new series, but several reports have suggested the filmmaker is too busy working on action flick Monster Hunter. Due out in 2018, it is also based on a video game.

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Anderson, who is married to Jovovich, also hinted he’d no longer be working on any more films in the Resident Evil universe when he spoke to website dreadcentral.com earlier this year.

“Yeah, this is the end, this movie is designed to bring the franchise full circle, to kind of take the audience back to where everything began, back to the Hive and back to the very first movie…” he said.

It’s also believed Jovovich will be replaced with a new leading lady.

The news comes after Moszkowicz also confirmed a TV show based on the Resident Evil films is in the pipeline.

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