Ridley Scott Talks Recasting In ‘All the Money in the World’ Interview


The timeline of ‘All the Money in the World’ is kind of a wild ride.

On Septemeber 18, 2017 the first trailer was released for the film with Kevin Spacey at the helm of John Paul Gotti. After the allegations of sexual harassment come against Spacey things had to be done. Cast and crew thought the film would never see the light of day, and if it was, the film would be tarnished with Spacey’s face. On November 8 that changed, and it was announced Christopher Plummer would now take the role, reshoots would be from November 20 til the 29th, and the film’s release date wouldn’t be changed.

All of that is kind of a wild ride, but it was one that the cast was even ok with. It’s been reported that cast involved with the reshoots did it for no extra money. In the above interview, Charlie Plummer talks about the fear of all the work that the 100s of cast and crew had about the films cancelation, Michelle Williams discusses how the recast was a hail mary pass, Mark Wahlberg is still proud to be in the film, and Christopher Plummer and Director Ridley Scott discuss their reactions to the change, the awkwardness of Plummer being the second choice, how long it took, and why this film is still one to go see when it’s released.

Seems kind of worthwhile after all with Christopher Plummer netting a Golden Globe nomination for best actor.


‘All the Money in the World’ releases December 25, 2017.

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