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Riz Ahmed is going deaf in ‘Sound of Metal’ Trailer

What do you do when the one thing you love is taken away from you?

That’s what Riz Ahmed‘s character Ruben tries to figure out in ‘Sound of Metal’.

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Riz Ahmed talks Bond.

Ruben is the drummer of a punk/metal band, and there are 3 rules. Play hard, play fast, and play loud. That last thing is the problem as Ruben quickly loses his hearing due to the loud music. Ruben tries to play along visually but its a disaster. The singer of the band (Olivia Cooke) knows of the perfect solution. She takes Ruben to a clinic for the hearing impaired where Ruben learns not how to fix his problem, but learn to live with it.

All in all, this trailer looks great. One of the things I can really appreciate is the use of subtitles. Sure, they speak English and we can understand them, but the deaf community who this movie is for can’t, so put in subtitles.


‘Sound of Metal’ releases in theaters on November 20, 2020, from Amazon Prime Video.

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