Rob Corddry & Alicia Silverstone get some ‘Bad Therapy’ in Trailer

While I’ve never had to do it, I am a complete advocate for couples therapy. Relationships are tough and if talking to someone will help then why not? But sometimes you get some bad advice.

The couple in the new film ‘Bad Therapy’ get the worst advice.

The married couple is Bob (Rob Corddry) and Susan (Alicia Silverstone) and they go see Judy Small (Michaela Watkins. They have ordinary problems and of course, Bob doesn’t want to go. As it turns out she’s not the best kind of therapist, and her previous patients killed themselves. She loves pitting people against each other, and the best way is to get the deepest darkest secrets and exploit them.


‘Bad Therapy’ releases on VOD on April 17, 2020.