Robert De Niro Crowned King of Cannes Jury

Robert De NiroIf you’re bringing your film to Cannes this year, don’t be nervous or anything, but these eyes will be judging you.

Veteran actor and director Robert De Niro will head the nine-member jury of the 64th annual Festival de Cannes, France’s  prestigious annual film festival, from May 11-22 on the French Riviera. Festival organizers said they picked the seasoned Hollywood icon not only because of his extensive work in the industry, but also due tp his involvement with his own cinematic gathering, Tribeca Film Festival. Plus, throughout his career he’s worked on eight films that have played at the festival. Two, Taxi Driver and The Mission, won the Palme d’Or, the highest honor at Cannes.

In a statement, De Niro said that “The Cannes Film Festival is a rare opportunity for me as it is one of the oldest and one of the best in the world.” And that makes total sense, considering De Niro has headed the jury twice in his career, so apparently, rare opportunities are a norm for Mr. De Niro. He continued to rub it in our face that this is the third time he’s done it by expanding on his comments: “Having served as president of the jury in the 80s twice, I know this isn’t an easy task for me or my fellow jury members, but I’m very honored and happy to head the jury for this year’s Cannes Film Festival.” Whatever, De Niro. We know you’re special and all. You don’t have to be such a dick about it.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter