Emma Roberts and Dave Franco Amaze At The ‘Nerve’ Premiere (Video)


‘Nerve’ is an online game of dares where players have to do whatever the watcher says to do. Vee (Roberts) meets Ian (Franco) on her first dare and their night goes throughout New York City. They start simple but quickly turn more illegal and deadly.

The US premiere for ‘Nerve’ happened the other night, and where else can you do a premiere for a film that was shot in New York other than in New York? The stars came out to the SVA Theatre so they could premiere their film, but also give some insight as to what the film is actually trying to tell young people.

In the above interview, Emily Meade talks about how much different is to visit being a young and dumb person again, Juliette Lewis discusses the freshness of the script with today’s social medium fascination, Dave Franco brings up the fact that this was a Young Adult novel but not like the others because of it’s realness, and Emma Roberts says all the feelings that a viewer will feel while watching the film.


Nerve is out in theaters now.

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