The New ‘Robocop’ International Trailer Finds the Heart of the Machine

Somewhere tucked behind all of those new circuits and transistors, there’s still a human heart beating inside of Robocop’s chest, and given the newest trailer, there’s also a human heart beating inside the new Robocop remake, even under all the flash and spectacle of dystopian robot action. While the previous trailers might have led you to believe that director José Padilha left all of the story’s human drama on the operating table, this international trailer spends a lot of time examining the emotional and existential weight involved with saving a human life by stripping away most of his human parts, before letting Robocop get down to the gun-toting business of doling out justice.

Robocop, TrailerSTUDIOCANAL UK/YouTube

In the trailer, we get some new scenes featuring Abbie Cornish being promised that her husband’s life can be saved and Joel Kinnamann waking up from his procedure, still unaware that he has been transformed into the world’s most immoral science fair project. We also get shots of Samuel L. Jackson as Omnicorp’s company mouthpiece, while a slimy Michael Keaton impresses into the heads of the American people that putting robotic drones on the street will make everyone safer.

It’s worth noting that all of the action in the trailers so far have showcased Robocop fighting other robots. Does that mean his primary villain will be synthetic enemies, or is the studio just holding back it’s more gruesome violence for the actual film? We may be in need of a good ol’ red band trailer to really show us what this Robocop really has up its metal sleeves.