A Giant RoboCop Statue Looms Over Detroit, Thanks to Kickstarter

Credit: Facebook

Imagine a high-tech, dystopian version of CowParade — that artistic movement that planted fiberglass cow statues throughout numerous cities across the world a few years back. Instead of cows, picture behemoth cyborg warriors. And instead of the various international loci brimming with creative expression and progressive character, picture Detroit. In 2011, Motor City’s RoboCop aficionados pioneered a Kickstarter campaign to craft a 10-foot-tall statue bearing the likeness of Peter Weller’s 1987 sci-fi hero. A quiet construction seems to have taken way over the course of the past two years, resulting an at once exciting and chilling tribute to Officer Alex Murphy.

The image, courtesy of the RoboCop Archive on Facebook, depicts the still-in-the-works homage to the character, which will find its way among the streets of Detroit in the spring of 2014, just in time for José Padilha’s forthcoming RoboCop remake, starring Joel Kinnaman.

Set to be bronzed by the local company Venus Bronze Works, this 1o-foot-tall RoboCop will find its home at a yet undetermined Motown location. The ultimate fan boy endeavor owes its existence to sculptor Fred Barton, Across the Board Creations, and the 2,718 individuals who contributed to the Kickstarter fund. Nearly three thousand people who came together to support something that, in essence, is of no other value than the fact that it is cool. Ergo, the most worthy cause of them all.

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