See Real Robots Freaky Reactions To The ‘Morgan’ Trailer


“If I had nails I would have bitten them”

20th Century Fox just finally dropped their trailer for ‘Morgan’, and it looks awesome. In the film a corporate troubleshooter, Lee Weathers (Kate Mara), is sent to a remote location to do her job, decide what needs to be changed so that the company can continue growing. This situation is a little different than Lee’s everyday job. This company has made a human connect with synthetic DNA. She evolves quicker than everyone else but the robot has surpassed her creators and they can’t control her anymore.

The film looks really good.  What’s awesome is this video that fox has released on their youtube channel. In it, two of the world’s most enhanced human robots (that actually exist) watched the trailers. magicLab’s EDI and the University of Pisa’s FACE watched the trailer, and their reactions were honest to god terrifying and unique.


Morgan releases on September 2, 2016