The 12 Most Romantic Teen Movie Gestures

Take a tip from teenagers this Valentine’s Day and do it up big. Everything’s a grand gesture when you’re young and these teen movies prove that young love trumps all. So get out there and do something nice for your significant other – and we don’t just mean getting tickets to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

1. Say Anything


The now-iconic boombox gesture. Except these days it would probably involve holding up an iPhone or something.

2. The Fault In Our Stars


Augustus used his wish to give Hazel her dream trip to Amsterdam. Sigh…

3. 10 Things I Hate About You


The public singing and dancing. How could you resist?

4. Twilight


Edward would watch Bella as she slept (which definitely sounds creepy now that we think about it) and he took her flying through the woods. Unconventional romance, to be sure, but she swooned nonetheless.

5. Cruel Intentions


When a bad boy reveals his sensitive side to you, you know it’s love.

6. A Walk to Remember


He married her and fulfilled her dying wish, doesn’t get more grand than that.

7. Moonrise Kingdom


What’s more romantic than running away together?

8. Romeo + Juliet


The classic tale of star-crossed lovers. They basically disown their families to be together. They also die in the end but let’s just pretend it all worked out.

9. Save the Last Dance

Being a good dancer: hot. Showing up to your girl’s dance audition because you know how important it is to her: even hotter.

10. The Perks of Being a Wallflower


We kind of wish people still exchanged mixtapes like Charlie and Sam.

11. The Notebook

Noah climbs a Ferris wheel just to ask Allie out. Yeah, he’s kind of insane…but in the most romantic way.

12. Juno


Juno fills Paulie Bleeker’s mailbox with his favorite orange Tic Tacs. Even sassy Juno can be sweet.

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