‘Skyfall’ Director Sam Mendes Will Officially Take the Next Bond Movie

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Despite the reverberating poetry of one Adele Adkins, this is not the end for Skyfall director Sam Mendes — the filmmaker who instilled a new, dark flavor into Daniel Craig’s James Bond for the character’s 23rd go at the big screen is officially on board to direct the next 007 feature, as confirmed Sony Pictures via Deadline.

Mendes will be the first filmmaker to direct two consecutive Bond exploits since John Glen concluded his reign over the franchise in 1989. The American Beauty director made Skyfall the eighth highest grossing pictures in world history, forgoing the wizbang gadgetry of his predecessors in favor of a more slow-paced, sensitive severity.

The next Bond flick will also star Craig, and should advance Naomi Harris’ Moneypenny to a spotlight role (per the conclusion of Skyfall). Though we’ll sadly be without Judi Dench’s M, we might be able to hope for a bit more Q (Ben Whishaw) in the follow-up. All that and Mendes back on board makes Bond 24 one of the most attractive blockbuster promises in the foreseeable future. Or at least relatively foreseeable.

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