Samuel L. Jackson and cast take us behind the scenes of ‘Shaft’

In the 70s a genre of films came out called Blaxploitation. These movies had black people as leading roles, something that wasn’t done, and let’s be honest, they were badass.  Superfly, Sweet Sweetback, Foxy Brown, Blacula and more recently Black Dynamite (watch that film if you haven’t before) were the coolest of cool, but there was one that was at the top, and that was Shaft (you damn right).

John Shaft (Richard Roundtree) was the police detective in Harlem and along with kicking ass and taking names, he was known to get down with the ladies. With one of the greatest theme songs by the legendary Isaac Hayes, Shaft was cool. There would be movies, a show and then after the 70s Shaft kind of disappeared. That is until Shaft’s son (Samuel L. Jackson) came back with a film in 2000. Now his son (Jessie Usher) wants to follow in the footsteps in ‘Shaft’ 2019 with all the Shafts returning.

In the above interview, Samuel L. Jackson, Jessie Usher, Regina Hall, and Richard Roundtree all talk about why Shaft is the coolest as well as what it’s like playing someone like him.


‘Shaft’ releases on June 14, 2019.