Grab Your Flying Umbrella: The First Trailer for ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Has Arrived

Before we were mesmorized by the enchanting tip that “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” Walt Disney had to convince Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers to hand over the rights to her novel. And that story-behind-the-story will be told in Saving Mr. Banks. The first trailer for the movie, which boasts the same caliber of charm as Mary Poppins, reveals how the Disney mogul convinced the beloved author to allow him to whisk up the now classic flick. 

Directed by Kelly Marcel, who is oddly enough also penning the script for the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaption, Saving Mr. Banks stars Tom Hanks as Walt Disney – don’t worry, this is before the magical Disney mastermind had his head frozen!

Jazzy tunes play over the vibrant trailer, which reveals the fascinating tale about how Disney forged a relationship with Travers to land the rights to Mary poppins. Not only do Mickey and Minnie make a cameo, Saving Mr. Banks also features a slew of A-Listers: Emma Thompson, Colin Farrell, Ruth Wilson, Paul Giamatti, Jason Schwartzman, and a few more fine thespians.

So, open up your umbrella and fly off to the cinema on December 25 to tune into Saving Mr. Banks

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