‘Saw IV’ Set for Halloween 2007 Release

The next installment in the Saw series of horror films is set for release next Halloween after Saw III experienced the best opening yet for the gory horror franchise last weekend.

Filmmakers announced that a third sequel to the surprise horror hit of 2004 would go into production based on Saw III‘s $34.3 million debut at the U.S. box office.

The three-day total compares to an opening of $31.7 million for Saw II last year and $18.3 million for Saw in 2004.

After the initial success of the first low-budget movie, filmmakers have turned the franchise into an annual ritual with quickly produced sequels each Halloween.

The movies follow the diabolical schemes of psycho killer Jigsaw, played by Tobin Bell, who stages elaborate, bloody games to test the moral fiber of his victims.

The new film is expected to be a prequel to the first film, according to Web site Moviehole.net.

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