Scar Jo and Friends Party Too Hard In The ‘Rough Night’ Trailer


People grow up, it’s part of life.

Those friends in college that you partied with and had “nights you couldn’t forget” eventually grow up to love mundane boring lives with jobs and kids. Eventually, one of them get married and it’s time to get together and enjoy each other for one crazy weekend for the bachelorette party. That’s what happens in ‘Rough Night’.

Jess (Scarlett Johansson) is getting married so she gathers her friends from college (Ilana GlazerJillian Bell, and Zoe Kravitz) as well as her new Australian friend (Kate McKinnon) for a weekend of drinks, fun, and whatever else they can get into in Miami. Unfortunately, they party too hard, take too many drugs and end up killing the stripper, so now these BFFs have to get away with murder.

If this trailer seems tame and really late, that’s because the film has already had two NSFW red band trailers that you can watch here and here.


‘Rough Night’ releases June 16, 2017.