See The Second Trailer For Emily Blunt’s ‘The Girl On The Train’


Moving on from a relationship is tough, especially if you happen to see their ex every day.

‘The Girl On The Train’ is based on Paula Hawkins popular 2015 novel. The novel managed to remain on the New York Times bestseller list for 15 weeks in total and was declared by many to be the next Gone Girl.

In the film Rachel (Emily Blunt) sees the same couple Scott (Luke Evans) and Megan (Haley Bennetton her daily commute on the train. One of those days, the Megan is with a strange man and goes missing. As it turns out Rachel went to go “visit” her ex-husband Tom (Justin Theroux) and he may have been sleeping with Megan. Rachel doesn’t remember anything that happened that night, and may have been the cause of Megan’s disappearance.


The Girl on the Train releases October 7, 2016.

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