See Amy Adams And ‘Arrival’ Cast Discuss Alien Contact


Imagine if today, 12 alien ships appeared throughout the planet. People would be in a panic not knowing what they were there for. Are they there for peace, war, or what? That’s exactly what happens in Paramount’s newest film ‘Arrival’.

Countries around the world work to figure out why they are there. Colonel Weber (Whitaker) and the US government enlists the help of a linguist named Louise (Adams) and a mathematician Ian (Renner) is sent to the spacecraft to attempt to communicate with the aliens. The team must figure out why they are there quickly before the rest of the world starts a war with the race and each other.

Communication is a big plot point in the film, not only with Louise and the aliens but for the rest of the world to work together to solve the problem. In the above interview Amy Adams explain the plot, ship, and timing, Jeremy Renner stresses how important it is to not get any of the translations wrong, Forest Whitaker talks about why the countries need to work together, and Director Denis Villeneuve discusses how the film relates to real life.


Arrival releases this Friday, November 11, 2016.

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