See Baby Groot’s Dance From ‘Guardians Vol 2’


After the insane popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy people wondered if the sequel would have the same magic and amazingness as the first one.

Questions got answered quickly. With the opening credit sequence, we knew what kind of movie this would be. A lot of action with most of the Guardians battling a giant monster, and Baby Groot not caring. He turns on “Mr. Blue Sky” from the Electric Light Orchestra and dances to his little heart’s content, nearly turning into a splinter a couple of times. All is ok for him, even though all of the Guardians seem to be fighting an epic battle while being concerned for the little guy.


This moment and so much more can be relived time and time again when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits Digital HD August 8, 2017, and Blu-ray and, for the first time for a Disney film, 4K Ultra HD on August 22, 2017.