See Bale and Damon Behind the Scenes of ‘Ford v Ferrari’

I’m not a car racing fan, but with that being said the story behind ‘Ford v Ferrari’ is thrilling.

After seeing the Top Gear episode of Le Mans ’66, I just wanted more. It’s a story of David v Goliath, as Ford racing was taking on Ferrari, THE race car maker at the time. It’s the story of not a lot of time and some hotheads, with Carroll Shelby (Damon) and Ken Miles (Bale) trying to design a car that can withstand a 24-hour race, up against the team that was thought to be unbeatable.

In the above interview, go behind the scenes and hear from Christian Bale on why people race, Matt Damon explains how even he wasn’t a race fan but was into this movie, Director James Mangold talks about how he was able to translate the race track to the big screen, and Bale comes back to tell us why this is more than “just a racing movie”


‘Ford v Ferrari’ releases on November 15, 2019.