See Comedians Get Serious In ‘Don’t Think Twice’ Trailer

While not necessarily in the same situation, a lot of people can relate to Director/Star Mike Birbiglia‘s new movie.

On the outside, ‘Don’t Think Twice’ is a film about a comedic improv group with an all-star comedic class including Keegan-Michael KeyGillian Jacobs, Birbiglia, Kate MicucciChris Gethard, and Tami Sagher. The improv group loses their lease on their home theater and Jack (Key) gets an audition with TV’s biggest sketch-comedy show, Weekend Live (pretty much Saturday Night Live without using the name). This causes the group to start becoming bitter and backstabbing. That’s all on the outside, on the inside, ‘Don’t Think Twice’ is sure to be a film of laughs, sadness, and about not wanting to grow up and give up on your dreams, but having to.


Don’t Think Twice is out on July 22, 2016.

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