See Gerard Butler vs sci-fi disaster in ‘Greenland’ Trailer

Its 2020 and we think we know a thing or two about disasters. Gerard Butler really knows a thing about disasters.

From his roll as Mike Banning in the Fallen series, to Stoick in How to Train Your Dragon, to surviving Movie 43 and being in a relationship with Jennifer Aniston in The Bounty Hunter, Butler can survive.

His latest film ‘Greenland’ feels like it could happen tomorrow. Asteroids are coming to earth but scientists predict that they will crash into the ocean and just be a cool sight to see. Of course its the movies and the scientists were wrong, as one takes out Central Florida. Butler knows this isn’t something to mess with, so he takes his family (including on-screen wife Morena Baccarin) to try to seek safety.

Maybe a fake disaster is what we need right now.


‘Greenland’ releases on August 14, 2020.