See How A Laika Studios Film Is Made With ‘Missing Link’


Laika Studios films are next level gorgeous.

From Coraline and Paranorman to Boxtrolls, and the criminally underrated Kubo and the Two Strings Laika Studios a dying art form in stop motion animation to levels I didn’t even know were possible. While computer generated films can be gorgeous, there’s something special knowing the love and painstaking detail that goes into a Laika film. If that’s not enough, their films are also loving and creative stories that touch the hearts of the viewers.

The voices and director of the newest Laika film ‘Missing Link’ know that and kept that in mind while recording the voices of their characters. In the above interview Zach Galifianakis wonders how the artists got the exact faces right, Hugh Jackman is really impressed by the people and their dedication, Zoe Saldana praises the studio for keeping this art form alive, and Director Chris Butler goes into loving that Laika tells stories that are different.


‘Missing Link’ releases on April 12, 2019.