See How To Do A Remake In ‘The Magnificent Seven’ Trailer 2


Remakes are normally a death warrant lately. Studios think people want to see what they’ve already seen, and the people say otherwise.

‘The Magnificent Seven’ 2016 remake seems to be doing a lot of the right things. First off, the original 1960 film is not even an original. That film is based off the 1955 Japanese film Seven Samurai. Just take out ninja warriors and put in cowboys, and that’s how we get to ‘The Magnificent Seven’

Secondly the original came out in 1960. A lot has changed since then, and it would be a safe gamble to say most people haven’t seen it, even if they should have. Enough time has passed so that most people aren’t going to fanboy out when things aren’t done exactly like the original.

Sony Pictures

Another thing that director Antoine Fuqua has done right is casting. Fuqua has teamed up with Denzel Washington for the third time and this time he’s brought an all-star cast including Chris PrattEthan HawkeVincent D’OnofrioByung-hun LeePeter SarsgaardMatt Bomer and much more.’

Besides all that, from the trailer, the film looks pretty bad ass. The story is pretty simple. The town of Rose Creek is under the control of the evil Bartholomew Bogue (Sarsgaard) and it’s up to a bunch of not so good guys to take justice and revenge into their own hands. Sam Chisolm (Washington) gathers Josh Faraday (Pratt) and five other men to join up and form ‘The Magnificent Seven’.



The Magnificent Seven releases on September 23, 2016.