Second ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Still Disappoints (Video)


The short answer to the question “is the second trailer as bad as the first?” is no. This trailer still begs the question that everyone has been asking , why?

The original Ghostbusters came out in 1984 with the follow-up Ghostbusters II coming out in 1989. The fans had wanted a third to complete the trilogy, but unfortunately, that never happened (The Ghostbusters Videogame is the script of what the third could have been).

Now we have Ghostbusters the reboot. Director Paul Feig has gathered a supergroup of all female fun ladies including Melissa McCarthyKristen WiigKate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones so that they can take on the paranormal.

The first trailer for the film is widely known as “the most disliked video trailer on youtube” with a total of 810 thousand dislikes and 239 thousand likes (at the time of posting), so did this trailer do any better? This trailer has changed some things that the first got really wrong. For one, this trailer doesn’t talk about the old film, and then act like it never happened. Leslie Jones is actually funny in this trailer. Her crowd surfing joke even made many get a slight chuckle. It still begs the question ever since the reboot was announced, why?


We can only tell how good or bad the actual film is July 15 when ‘Ghostbusters’ hits the box office.

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