See Peter Dinklage In The Trailer For ‘Rememory’


‘Rememory’ is a film that’s about to do something no other film has done before.

Premiere on Google Play.

The film follows Sam Bloom (Peter Dinklage) a man who was the student of a professor who was murdered. Sam is a detective and was deeply upset by this and wanted to figure out what happened. The Professor created an invention that would look back at people’s memories. Sam would use the memories in order to look back and see who actually killed him.

This is when the story gets interesting (at least from the trailer). Is it right to seek justice through people’s memories? Is it right to look into people’s memories when they don’t want them to? This comes into light when Sam goes to investigate the late great Anton Yelchin‘s character, gives the look of a deeply troubled man, and another character played by Henry Ian Cusick that doesn’t-want Sam looking into the murder.


‘Rememory’ can be seen first on Google Play on August 24, 2017, and released everywhere September 8, 2017.