Watch Robert Downey Jr. audition with his ‘Dolittle’ cast

When an actor tries to get a movie role they go to auditions. Casting Directors are trying to figure out if you can work with the other actors and if the chemistry makes sense. Sometimes it doesn’t work out.

In the above video, we see inside the auditions that  Robert Downey Jr. had with his co-stars. The Directors wanted to see how they would do if they were given the lines from other movies. The thing is, the movie is ‘Dolittle’ and Robert Downey Jr. plays Dr. Dolittle, a man that can talk to animals. So if you didn’t guess, his co-stars are animals that can talk. Watch as a Dab-Dab (Octavia Spencer) the duck auditions with a line from Jaws, Polynesia (Emma Thompson) the parrot tries out with Fast and the Furious, Chee Chee (Rami Malek) the Gorilla does my favorite line from Despicable Me, Kevin (Craig Robinson) does the infamous Scarface line, and many more.


‘Dolittle’ releases on January 17, 2020.