See The ‘Bad Santa 2’ Cast At The Premiere


Traveling, annoying relatives, overcrowded shopping malls, debt… The holidays can be a drag huh?

So when you get home from all that, what’s the best way to relax? Pop on some Bad Santa and get ready for the laughs. That movies old now, it’s time for a new one… Enter ‘Bad Santa 2’.

The movie isn’t just a release for us, the viewer. The cast also got to release by cursing way more than they normally would. In the above interview from the premiere, Christina Hendricks talks about how the film is a break from the holidays and “normal” holiday films, Tony Cox was surprised the film even got made, Kathy Bates discusses why she took on the role, and Billy Bob Thornton talks about what it was like to be with “the ZZ Top of nasty Christmas movies”, as well as what they’ve updated for the sequel.


Bad Santa 2 is in theaters now.