See the Cast of ‘Beetlejuice’ Over 25 Years Later

If you can believe it, Beetlejuice released all the way back in 1988. Before Tim Burton was a household name, known for collaborating with Johnny Depp (that didn’t start until the ’90s), he created this classic Halloween film based on two ghosts who don’t immediately realize they’re dead. This movie might be 27-years-old, but we can still appreciate how damn attractive Alec Baldwin was as Adam Maitland.

Michael Keaton - Betelgeuse (Pronouced Beetlejuice)
Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice
Warner Bros/Splash News
Clearly the late '80s were good to Michael Keaton. The year after he played this "bio-exorcist" ghost, he took a turn the dark superhero Batman in Tim Burton's version. To this day, people will vehemently  argue that his Batman (versus George Clooney or Christian Bale) is the best Batman. After a very successful film career, Keaton didn't take a break, but he was a little less active until recently, when he played the title character in Birdman, becoming a superhero all over again.
Alec Baldwin - Adam Maitland
Alec Baldwin, Beetlejuice
Warner Bros. via Everett Collection/Getty Images

Alec Baldwin was a TOTAL BABE in Beetlejuice. As the oldest of all the Baldwin men, it's no surprise that he dominated the '90s with films like The Hunt for Red October and The Shadow. After his performance in the 2003 romantic drama The Cooler he received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. As any Tina Fey fan knows, from 2006-2013 he starred as Fey's characters boss Jack Donaghy on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. Over the course of the show, he won two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards. Surprisingly, he is a part-time columnist for The Huffington Post.

Geena Davis - Barbara Maitland
Geena Davis, Beetlejuice
Warner Bros/Getty Images
The best thing about Geena Davis (aside from her stellar talent) is she wants to work on Beetlejuice 2! She recently stated she would be on board for a sequel if Tim Burton wanted her in it. Directly after Beetlejuice, Geena Davis solidified herself in Hollywood by becoming one half of the best female duo in Thelma & Louise and then Dottie in A League of Their Own. More recently, she's played Dr. Nicole Herman on Grey's Anatomy and Mrs. Ehrlick in Me Him Her. Over the years she's become very active in fighting against discrimination against women in Hollywood and sports, working with the Women's Sports Foundation and more.
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Catherine-O'Hara - Delia Deetz
Warner Bros/Getty Images

Directly after she played Delia in Beetlejuice, she went on to play the matriarch in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. She quickly worked with Tim Burton again as Sally, and the child Shock, in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Over the years she has worked on numerous mockumentary films written and directed by Christopher Guest, including Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration. In 2010 she received an Emmy nomination for the television film Temple Grandin. In 2015 she was in the TV mini-series What Lives Inside and is currently on the series Schitt's Creek as Moira Rose.

Jeffrey Jones - Charles Deetz
Jeffrey Jones, Beetlejuice
Warner Bros/Splash News
Jeffrey Jones was already a cultural icon when Beetlejuice came out, because of his role from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Like a few of his cast mates, he worked with Tim Burton (and Burton's favorite actor Johnny Depp), on the films Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow. Back in 2003 he was arrested for possession of child pornography and was accused of soliciting a 14-year-old boy to pose for pornographic photos. Jones pleaded no contest to a felony charge and received five years probation, counseling, and was required to register as a sex offender. Seven years later he was arrested twice for failing to update his sex offender status, both in Florida and in California. He hasn't been acting much recently, he last acting credit being from the 2014 film 10.0 Earthquake.
Winona Ryder - Lydia Deetz
Winona Ryder, Beetlejuice
Warner Bros. via Everett Collection/WENN
The late '80s/early '90s was when Winona Ryder was in her prime. She came onto the scene and took it by storm, earning critical acclaim with her role in Beetlejuice. She earned a Golden Globe award and Academy Award nomination for her film The Age of Innocence only a few years later. Her talent became quickly overshadowed by her personal life, when she had a very public relationship with Johnny Depp and when she was caught shoplifting in Beverly Hills, California. The early '00s were not as kind to her, one of her only successful films being Mr. Deeds until she was in Black Swan with Natalie Portman in 2010. In 2015 she was in the mini-series Show Me a Hero and in 2016 will appear on the show Stranger Things. She is currently the only one signed onto Beetlejuice 2.
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R.I.P. - Glenn Shadix (Otho) and Sylvia Sidney (Juno)
Glenn Shadix, Sylvia Sidney, Beetlejuice
Warner Bros. via Everett Collection/Warner Bros.
For a movie that released almost 30 years ago, it's not uncommon for some of the beloved cast to have passed away since the film's premiere. Glenn Shadix, who portrayed the hilarious interior designer Otho, passed away in 2010 after reportedly falling in his kitchen and died from blunt force trauma to his head. In 1999 Sylvia Sidney passed away from esophageal cancer, after a career that spanned 70 years. Robert Goulet, who played the minor character of Charles Deetz's boss, has also since passed away since this film premiered, died from pulmonary fibrosis in 2007 while awaiting a lung transplant.