See The Cast of ‘Why Him?’ Talk About The Improv On Set


It’s officially the holidays and people are coming home to see their families. For some fathers, it’s also the first time their darling angel girls will be bringing home their boyfriends. As scary as it is for the boyfriend, it can also be fearful for the fathers. In 20th Century Fox’s film ‘Why Him?’, the Fleming family, including Ned (Cranston) and Barb (Mullally) are going to meet their daughter’s (Deutch) boyfriend Laird (Franco). Laird is the owner of some successful internet businesses and is basically Justin Bieber. Laird tries to get Ned to like him so he can marry his daughter, Ned wants the opposite.

Normally when films are made, scripts are already written and directors tend to go directly by the script. However when you have creative minds, why not let them get in on the process? In the above interview Bryan CranstonJames FrancoZoey DeutchMegan Mullally, and Keegan-Michael Key talk about having to turn up the comedy to the next level and director John Hamburg’s willingness to improv.


Why Him? is out tomorrow, December 23, 2016.