See The Creepy Trailer For X-Men Film ‘The New Mutants’


‘The New Mutants’ is the 11th film in the X-Men film series, but don’t think of it like that. If it’s anything like this trailer appears to be, it’s going to be one hell of a horror film.

‘The New Mutants’ follows 5 young mutants who are trapped in a secret facility and are just learning their powers. Think about what it was like to mature, and times that by 50 to see what these kids are going through. These are those 5 mutants.

  • Anya Taylor-Joy: Magik, a Russian who uses discs to transport herself.
  • Maisie Williams: Wolfsbane, Scottish mutant who is religious but struggles with that when she uses her power to turn into a wolf.
  • Charlie Heaton: Cannonball, A Kentuckian who can throw himself into the air and can’t be hurt while doing so.
  • Henry Zaga: Sunspot, Brazilian who can manipulate solar energy.
  • Blu Hunt: Mirage, Native American who can create illusions from a person’s mind.

All in all, the film feels like it will be a refreshing take on the superhero genre and since the only thing that many people know about the new mutants is what’s written above, new can be good.


‘The New Mutants’ releases April 13, 2018.

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