See the first Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s epic ‘Tenet’

I can’t tell you much about the newest film from Christopher Nolan. I can tell you I’m going to see it. I can tell you it sounds amazing, with some great one-liners, fantastic actors, and some awesome action, but I can’t tell you much more than that.

Mostly because I, like many others, are very confused by the new film.

We follow the lead (John David Washington) as he is confirmed to be part of some kind of secret organization after he passes the ultimate test of loyalty. He is tasked to stop the plot of something equal to World War III, worse than a nuclear holocaust. Then it starts to get interesting/weird. There are many things that have either A) happened or B) about to happen. Things like ships are moving in reverse while the lead continues forward.

All they have for us is Tenet, but to be honest, they had me at Nolan, and maybe it’s time to just go along for the ride.


‘Tenet’ releases on July 17, 2020.