See the full Trailer from Pixar’s magical film ‘Onward’

Pixar is a stable of creating visually impressive entertaining movies, and they have announced after a number of sequels that for a little while they are doing all original films, which is ok by me. The latest is Onward, and we finally have a full trailer and a bit of the story.

When you think of magic, you think of castles and wooden carriages. Onward takes place after that. Orcs and fairies exist, but gone are the quests of old. The film follows two teen Elk brothers; the elder Barley (Chris Pratt) and the newly 16-year-old Tom Holand (Ian). On Ian’s 16th the two are given a present from their thought to be dead thought to be an accountant father. He was a wizard, and they have a spell to recreate him for a day. The only problem is they create the bottom half of him. The two go on a quest to complete their father.

This might not be the Spider-Man/Starlord crossover, but it looks like a fun movie and knowing Pixar, there will be a ton of emotion.


‘Onward’ releases on March 6, 2020.