See ‘The Girl on the Train’ Cast Discuses The Layers Of The Film


When things aren’t going perfectly in someone’s life, they often fantasize about how others are living.

That’s what Emily Blunt’s character Rachel does in her new film ‘The Girl On The Train’. She sees a happy couple from the train and imagines that they are the perfect couple. Things aren’t so perfect, and when that girl goes missing, and Rachel can’t remember the bits and details because of a drinking binge, she tries to find out why.

If having a mystery with a character who doesn’t remember specific events sounds troublesome, you’d be right. In this interview, Emily Blunt talks about why she connected with her perfect couple, Rebecca Ferguson discusses why their characters shouldn’t assume anything, Luke Evans speaks about revealing the layers slowly, Édgar Ramírez loves how the characters know each other without knowing it, Haley Bennett talks about how audiences can relate a little bit to each of the characters,


The Girl On The Train releases in theaters this Friday, October 7, 2016.

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