See The Gorgeous Trailer For ‘Voyage of Time’ Narrated By Brad Pitt


It really is a big universe out there.

Director Terrence Malick has made two different versions of ‘Voyage of Time’. One, Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey is 35mm version narrated by Cate Blanchett. The other, Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience is narrated by the one and only, Brad Pitt.

So what are these films about? Malick came up with the project all the way back in the 70s. It is being described as “a celebration of the universe, displaying the whole of time, from its start to its final collapse.” The film will look at everything we have to prepare for the end; science and spirit, birth and death, the great cosmos and the life on the planet.

All I know is that it will look spectacular.


‘Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience’ will be released on October 7, 2016.