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See the Horror Trailers in ‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’

Jason Blum is the man behind many current horror films, and he’s said he had something special for us, and here we are.

‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’ is a series of 8 films with 4 coming out this October.

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The Lie’

The Lie has every parent’s fear.

A father (Peter Sarsgaard) and daughter Kayla (Joey King) find one of her friends Brittany (Devery Jacobs) on the side of the road, so they offer to drive her. Something happened to Brittany, and when the two girls go off to the side of the road to go to the bathroom, something happens to Brittany. Kayla knows something, but it’s up to the father to protect his girl.


Black Box

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Memory loss is a hell of a thing, and no one knows that better than Nolan (Mamoudou Athie). He can barely make it through the day without his daughter’s help, and soon he might even lose her. A scientist (The great Phylicia Rashad) has a treatment that she promises will reverse the memory loss. It takes him into his subconscious and a world that is trying to protect him from him.



This one might be the one I’m most excited about.

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The world of concert performances is cutthroat and begins at a young age. If you’re not the first chair your last. A girl who is a shy musician knows this, and she also lives in the shadows of her more talented twin sister. A classmate dies mysteriously our main character gets a second chance at the first chair, and she finds the dead girl’s mysterious notebook that “encourages” herself to be better. Stars Sydney Sweeney, Madison Iseman, Jacques Colimon, Ivan Shaw, and more.


Evil Eye

This one seems to be the one people are most excited about and Executive Producer Priyanka Chopra agrees.

Once people get to a certain age all their parents want to know is when they will settle down and get married and have babies. I can assume its especially true in Indian culture when the mother had been in an arranged marriage since a very young age. Usha (Sarita Choudhury) is the young woman of this story, and one day she’s approached by Sandeep (Omar Maskati). The two fall for each other, and she’s very excited to finally tell her mom Pallavi (Sunita Mani), who isn’t as happy for her. She worries, and as it turns out, Sandeep might be one to worry about. She believes he’s the reincarnation of a man who tried to kill her.


‘The Lie’ and ‘Black Box’ will be released on October 6, while ‘Evil Eye’ and ‘Nocturne’ will be released on October 13, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video.

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