See the ‘Invisible Man’ deleted scene called “Butt Chug”

Scenes get deleted from films all the time.

This can be for any number of reasons; runtime, pacing, change of story, doesn’t make sense, too dark, etc.

When a deleted scene from the relatively popular ‘The Invisible Man‘ came out simply called “Butt Chug” I had to know what it was about. This is a serious horror movie with a well-respected actress in Elisabeth Moss, where does butt-chugging come in. It’s a gross, not to mention unsafe, act. As it turns out, its a lot tamer then we would have thought.

In the clip, Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss) is dealing with her ex who she thinks is now invisible and haunting her every move. She’s scared and gets a call from her sister Emily (Harriet Dyer) who doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about. Moss is worried that she’s losing her mind and Emily tells her they are going to go out, get drunk and have a good time. that’s when Emily suggests she butt chugs a Mai Tai and gets a laugh from Cecilia.

So why was this one deleted? Could be from the darkness, could be because they thought butt-chugging shouldn’t be mentioned in their serious horror. Whatever reason, its there, and you can have the clip when it releases.


‘The Invisible Man’ releases on Blu-ray/DVD on May 26, 2020