See the official Trailer for Disney’s live-action ‘Mulan’

The animated ‘Mulan’ was a beloved Disney animated classic that gave little girls the strength to challenge the patriarchy and say anything a man can do we can do better and isn’t that what we need right now?

Disney has done many live-action remakes as of late, but this one is different. There’s still elements of make-believe, like adding a witch that can turn into a bird, but for the most part, the CGI is gone. Mushu and the voice of Eddie Murphy is missing, and the big part for me is the absence of the musical numbers. Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is one of my favorites (I’d be lying if I didn’t just play the song while writing this). For those who remember, the trailer is underlined with the song from the animated classic “Reflections” which is a nice touch.

The official Reddit thread and twitter for this trailer is very political heavy, many boycotting the movie because of the lead actresses’ views on the Hong Kong police.


‘Mulan’ releases on March 27, 2020.