See the Trailer for Cannes award winning film ‘Parasite’

Fair warning, from the second this movie was announced I was extremely interested in it.

‘Parasite’ AKA Gisaengchung (or 기생충 if you understand Korean) is directed by Bong Joon-ho and took the 2019 Cannes Film Festival by surprise, winning the coveted Palm d’Or (best movie) prize.

So what is the movie about? Well, here’s what I can tell you. The Ki-taek family is broke when Kim (Song Kang-ho) talks to his friend Choong about the family he tutors English to. They are rich and Choong happens to be leaving for vacation so they need a replacement. One fake degree later and Kim is working for the family. Kim then gets his sister Coong (Jang Hye-Jin) a job with the family as well (with another fake degree). That’s when this trailer gets really interesting. The official synopsis says the Ki-takes “get entangled in an unexpected incident”

The trailer looks like a fun ride, and I’m always down for an interesting story.


‘Parasite’ releases on October 11, 2019.