See The Trailer For Japanese Hit Anime ‘Fireworks’


There’s a bunch of movies that repeat a single day; Groundhogs day, Edge of Tomorrow, and most recently happy death day. But what if you had the opportunity to repeat a single event?

That’s what the anime ‘Fireworks’ is about. Noimichi and Yusuke are two friends who fall for their classmate Nazuna. The only problem is she is about to have to move away while her mother is going away to get remarried, so she chooses Noimichi to help her run away. Things don’t go well and when she finds a glowing ball, she gives it to Noimichi. That ball has the power to reset time, and the two try over and over to try to make things work.


The English version of ‘Fireworks’ will be in select theaters beginning July 3, 2018.