See the Trailer for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘In the Heights’

If you’ve never heard of Lin-Manuel Miranda I’d like to know what rock you’ve been hiding under.

The man’s been killing it in the entertainment world. Most recently he played Jack in Mary Poppins Returns, before that he did some of the songs for Moana (Including the title track “How Far I’ll Go”. Before that, he wrote and starred in Hamilton, a modern-day rap of Alexander Hamilton that was basically impossible to get broadway tickets to. Before that he wrote the reason I’m writing about him today; the 13 Tony award-winning ‘In the Heights’.

‘In the Heights’ takes place in New York, and more specifically the largely Hispanic populated area of Washington Heights. It’s the story of a bodega owner Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) and his dreams of moving on to something bigger than himself, all to the amazing raps of Lin-Manuel.

I never got the opportunity to see the play, but I am for sure interested in seeing this big-screen adaptation.


‘In the Heights’ releases on June 26, 2020.