See The Trailer For Sundance Shocker ‘White Girl’


‘White Girl’ is directed by Elizabeth Wood, one of Variety’s “10 Directors to Watch’ in 2016.

The term “white girl” could mean two different things for this movie. It could be for the lead actresses’s (Morgan Saylor) skin color, but it could mean the slang term for cocaine, which this movie has plenty of.

The synopsis is like this. A college girl Leah (Saylor) looks for pleasure in any and all forms she can find. She has two week before the fall semester, and after getting high with her roommate and snorting lines with her boss, she hits it off with Blue (Brian ‘Sene’ Marc), a handsome young Puerto Rican drug dealer. Shortly after that the two are selling drugs, getting cash, and getting high. Blue gets arrested and Leah is left with a large amount of coke. Leah has to decide if she will sell it, or use it all for herself.


‘White Girl’ is being hailed as this years Kids, and if stories of debauchery, drug dealing, and disregard for consequences are your cup of tea, you are in luck. White Girl releases in early September 2016, and will be on Netflix after it’s theater release.