See the Trailer for SXSW film ‘Get Duked!’

Sometimes its tough to figure out which films will do well from a film festival.

‘Get Duked!’ originally titled ‘Boyz in the Wood’, premiered during the South By Southwest Festival during their Midnight Movie showcase. Midnight movies at festivals mean one of two things 1) its a gory horror or 2) its a dirty comedy. This one is the later.

The film follows three juvenile delinquents who are given a 2nd chance by completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award trek across the highlands. They are then forced to do the challenge with a loner, and if that’s not bad enough they then have to survive a madman who is hunting them down.

Overall this trailer looks like fun and I can’t wait for it.


‘Get Duked’ releases on Amazon Prime Video on August 28, 2020.